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Its busy work porno xnxx fit for a cunt, but I videos xnxx gotta do it because it's all I'm xxnxx good for since that so-called accident you arranged." I'm still trying to think what to do. Running japan xnxx away from xnxx india him is a good idea nxnn except he's blocking the top of xnxx video the steps. He snaps, "I told you to get xnxx asia the fuck up here!" I took a deep breath and tried to pull off the unexpected. I tried to come off really pissed! Taking a deep breath, my heart pounding like a video xnxx drum, boom, boom, boom! I yell at him, "You're unbalanced and delusional and I'm calling Mr. Dickers to report this intimidation of yours! You won't even be able to do the cunt work then 'cause you'll be fired!" My voice was slightly shrill and my eyes were teary by the time I was through. His eyes weren't though, they opened wide with wildness in them. He hesitated for a second, his face flinched, he snorted like a bull and charged down the eight steps that separated us grabbing me by my T-shirt ripping it half off me and smacking the side of my face screaming, "Shut xxnx the fuck up you pussy!" I'm going, "Don't!" Another slap as I xnx hold my hands up protecting my head. He rustled me around, got his hand inside the back xnxxx elastic band of my basketball shorts, ripping the band as his hand went in, and squeezed my bare ass. Then his long middle finger went all the way up my asshole. I was gagging with the pain, not only the violent insertion, but his finger nail cut my anus going in. Joel was behind me, he had an arm around my throat and literally picked phim xnxx me up with an arm under my chin and, mostly, xnxx mom just the one hand cupping my bare buttocks, me against his chest; his biceps bulging revoltingly, his long middle finger xnxn way up inside me. 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